Allow Tim to pull out the core gems of what you want to say, distilling your words into simple & clear writing that captures the imagination.

Tim’s been copywriting for years at Northern Edge Algonquin, where he’s produced web content, promotional writing, print & digital ads, social media writing, blogs, legal documents, informal agreements, manuals & guides, and more.

His gift when writing is to take existing writing or bulk information (your first attempt at what you’d like to communicate) and distill this down to the powerful core message. By simplifying and editing down your communications, you create more clarity.

When it comes to resumes and cover letters – Tim’s been a hiring manager at the Edge for years. He offers resume touch-ups and rewrites to really highlight you, your passions, and your relevance to a specific type of job.

Contact Tim to discuss your copywriter needs:

  • Promotional content & advertising for small business.
  • Web content and product descriptions.
  • Personal biographies.
  • Resumes and cover letters.