Pack up the non-essentials, move on the clutter you won’t need in your next space, and use your own personal touch to stage your home beautifully for buyers.

Planning on a move?  Now is the time to begin decluttering & tidying.

Following the KonMari Method™, we can begin to discard & declutter right away.

  • reduce the amount you will need to move on moving day
  • stage your home simply & beautifully
  • create a new foundation & intention for your next home

Integral to the method is the process of discarding, in which we choose to keep only that which sparks joy for us.  This leaves us to enjoy every item that surrounds us in our daily life, while clearing out our home and making it look very friendly to buyers.  A great side benefit, when you move on items through discarding, you’ll find there is much less to pack and unpack.

Energetically, this can help to bring in new inspiration and undergoing this process can even help you to hone in on a new home if you have not found one yet.  In fact, you may find yourself falling in love with your house all over again.

In the KonMari Method™, we proudly display those items that Spark Joy, as we learn to stage our homes for ourselves.  This just so happens to perfectly stage your home for any potential buyers.  You’ll learn how to keep your home looking just right at all times, and you won’t need to frantically tidy up every time someone is coming to look at the house.  Through the course of our work together you’ll also learn how to become a better decision-maker.   This benefits you when it comes to choosing a buyer, deciding on your new home, and will continue to benefit you the rest of your life.

Simple Home Staging with Tidy Tim does not involve adding items to your home.  I have no inventory, and my expertise is in helping you to stage your home simply using your own favourite belongings while packing up or discarding the clutter that doesn’t showcase your home.  It’s a simpler, more budget-friendly alternative to traditional home staging.


Start Fresh: Moving In

The KonMari Method™ offers many tools & suggestions for setting up a home in a way that will keep it tidy, and give you easy access to the things you love.  Once you’ve moved in, I will come in and assist with the unpacking process, making recommendations for organization and keeping your spaces clean & clear.

A “Start Fresh” package might be right for you if:

  • You’re downsizing, and you just don’t have the space you had in your previous home.
  • You want to start fresh in your new home; have a place for everything and keep things organized.
  • You’re struggling to unpack those last few boxes.
  • You’re planning ahead for the big move, and thinking about the packing & unpacking is adding stress to your life.

Learn More about Starting Fresh with the KonMari Method.