“How Simplicity Sparks Joy” Tidy Tim on the Positively Living Podcast

This summer I was so pleased to meet Lisa Zawrotny, an organizer and productivity specialist, and creator of the SIMPLE method, who shares many of my thoughts on gratitude, joy, habit-building, and more.

The two of us could go on talking for hours – so Lisa invited me on to her “Positively Living” podcast to chat about Marie Kondo and more!

I’m really happy with how we were able to weave through some of our favourite topics, and I think this conversation is really worth a listen! We covered:

  • My story and why I recommend the Konmari Method
  • What Spark Joy means to me
  • How seeking simplicity can help you assess aspects of your life
  • How Marie Kondo teaches us to honour what we own
  • What steps you can take right now to start decluttering 
  • How to explore habits and the value of habit-building

You can dowload episodes of Positively Living with Lisa Zawrotny wherever you listen to podcasts.

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