Choose your own adventure: Tidy Tim can consult on a variety of areas in your home.  Target your kitchen, closet, or craft room with a custom consultation.

À la carte: Custom Consultations

Any Certified Konmari Consultant will tell you organizing by place is not as effective as the KonMari Method; however, I understand not everyone is ready to commit to the full experience.

Closet Clearing

If you’re interested in Marie Kondo’s Method but just not ready to fully commit, I recommend a 4-6 hour Closet Clearing session.  Since clothing is the first category when tidying via the method, you’ll be right on track if you want to continue.  Your closet & dresser will feel fresh & invigorated, your bedroom tidy, and you’ll be so happy every time you go to get dressed in the morning!

Sparkling Kitchen

Tidy Tim has lots of experience in organizing kitchens.  We’ll employ principals from the KonMari Method™ to clear our your kitchen and make that tupperware drawer beautiful.  Tim has also consulted with some clients with newly renovated kitchens, to help set a good organization system from the beginning.

Other areas

On a case-by-case basis, Tim can consult on more custom areas.  Tim’s expertise with target areas is best used on spaces that are already functional:

Problem areas that tend to be clutter-magnets (including the basement, junk room, etc) are best tackled by experiencing the KonMari Method™ in full, as this will allow us to extract items by category.  While it may seem slower, doing it this way will ensure your space will not repeat the pattern of filling up with junk again.

Learn More about tackling the root cause of clutter with the KonMari Method™.