Preparing to Konmari™

A few tips and tricks to get the most out of your time with me:

  • Make the commitment to yourself by booking your session.  Many people put off life-changing experiences like the KonMari Method™ until they feel “ready” – but if you are on this webpage right now, feeling called to start your tidying experience, then you are ready and it is time.
  • Read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo.  It’s fairly short, (perhaps about a 4 hour read).  I don’t require my clients to read the book that started it all, but it may help to prepare you for some of the concepts we’ll be learning about.  Ask me if you would like to borrow a copy!
  • Take time to dream.  Whether you journal, create a dream board, spend some time on Pinterest, or do some meditation – it will be incredibly fulfilling for you to imagine the life you want to live before beginning the KonMari Method™.
  • This process is all about you!  If possible, limit distraction by booking your session at a time when kids will be out of the house, and prepare roommates & spouses for the fact that you’ll be unavailable.
  • Wear an outfit that Sparks Joy for you.
  • Our first session will cover the Clothing category: your best results will happen if all your clothing is clean, dry, and at home (so pick them up from work / the car / the dry cleaner / the gym / friends’ homes).  If you do a last minute load of laundry before our session, there is no need to fold it.
  • If an area you know we are going to tackle (ie: the kitchen, before a kitchen session) is physically dirty in a way that will distract you from our session or make tidying difficult, please take the time to clean it before my arrival.
  • Self-Care is essential.  Try to get a good night’s rest, eat a nourishing breakfast, and stay hydrated on the day of our session.