When we employ the Konmari Method™, we tidy by category rather than by location, beginning with Clothes, then Books, then Papers, then “Komono” (Miscellaneous items), and saving Sentimental items for the end.

For many people, it can be effective to break these 5 categories up into sub-categories (and perhaps even into sub-sub-categories) so that you can feel confident about what you are completing and keep track of your progress.

I’ve used my own experience of working with clients as a Certified Konmari Consultant to pick sub-categories that make sense while keeping the list simple and clear.

These checklists are a free resource, my gift to you!



KonMari Method™ Checklist

Ready to go through the Konmari Method process, but finding it a bit overwhelming to make sure you’re remembering everything?  I designed this checklist to help identify sub-categories that are easy to understand and universal for lots of people – I also added in a spot for you to write in your own, because every home is different!

Free Download: Tidy Tim’s Konmari Checklist



KonMari Method™ Checklist for Kids

Kids have a strong ability to identify what sparks joy for them, but there are many unique categories of kids possessions that you won’t find in a checklist made for adults.  Your child can begin to take an active role in the tidying process – and this checklist is designed to help start them off with a full inventory of their belongings.

Free Download: Kids Konmari Checklist


Digital KonMari Method™ Checklist

Digital items is a WHOLE category and set of sub-categories of it’s own.  I recommend completing the Konmari Method™ using my original Konmari Checklist, before moving on to digital.

As it is broken up in the same order, you can also print this off and use it alongside each category as you complete the proper order – for example: going through all your physical papers, then hopping on your computer to deal with your digital files.

Free Download: (coming soon!)