Tap into Tim’s Hospitality & Travel Industry experience to become an Airbnb SuperHost & Increase your Vacation Rental revenue.

Improve your Airbnb revenue and reviews

Tim is excited to combine his passions for productivity, organization, & decluttering with his years of experience in the hospitality & tourism industry.

Tim grew up in the tourism industry at his family home Northern Edge Algonquin, and has worked at creating positive, friendly, and welcoming guest spaces almost his whole life.  He’s also lived as a digital nomad and enjoyed long and short-term stays in Airbnb’s all over the world, and explored a great variety of Airbnb Experiences.  With an eye for what your guests want & need, he’ll help you prepare for the realities of hosting on platforms like Airbnb.

Become a SuperHost:

If you have additional space on your hands, Airbnb is a great way to supplement your income and make use of your property.

The competition is real (especially in Muskoka!) and the marketplace is review-driven, which means 5-Star reviews will make or break your listing.  Discerning guests expect hotel-like quality, which Tidy Tim can help you achieve.

With a SuperHost Consultation, Tidy Tim will visit and help you to clear and organize your space, preparing it for the first step in a successful Airbnb venture:  Good photos.

We’ll eliminate distractions and negative queues, create positive design that shows off your personality while allowing guests to feel at home.

We can cover:

  • Space design, clearing & re-organizing to create a welcoming space.
  • Inventory:  Building a list of items in the space, identifying & sourcing amenities that your guests might expect to have access to.
  • Logistics:  Creating systems and checklists for quick turnarounds and housekeeping.
  • Welcome materials: Developing a welcome booklet with your “house rules”, need-to-knows, and local recommendations.
  • Partnering with local businesses you’d like to highlight to provide gift baskets, vouchers, and other gifts for your guests.
  • If you’re already up-and-running, Tim offers a simplified coaching program beginning with a walkthrough on your space.  He’ll provide a full report including steps to improvement, and help you create a plan to get it done.

You’ll have 5 Stars in no time!

Contact Tim to inquire about a SuperHost consultation today!