Join workshop & retreat facilitator Tim Lucier in your workplace, team-building by working together as a community to declutter & organize your workspace.

Organizing your workplace is the perfect Team Building exercise that can be undertaken right in your own office!

Tim facilitates a full day Team Building & Workplace Organization Experience that is hands-on, and allows for your team to more fully connect while still getting some much needed work done!

Inspired by the KonMari Method, we will work together to create a better flow of creativity and productivity in your office.  Our first hour will be spent asking each team member to look internally to their own space, clutter, and obstacles, and then we’ll shift to working collectively and fully clearing your workspace of items that do not contribute positively to your work environment.

Old office supplies still kicking around even though better & more advanced replacements are already in use?  Under-utilized storage spaces getting messier with every passing day?  As a team, you’ll be able to address these surface-level issues, while what you’re actually doing is growing your capacity to work together better.

Rates vary depending on the size of your workspace and team – please contact me with the info below for a quote!

  • The size of your space & team.
  • The date (or possible dates) that you are interested in.
  • Investment:  from $1000/day.
  • If you have a certain budget in mind, let me know and I can be sure to shape the package for your budget.

Please note:  This experience is best for businesses who wish to empower their employees to take responsibility of their shared space and ownership of the atmosphere of that space.  Please be prepared for team members to discard certain assets that may be holding them back.