Retreats and Adventures to re-inspire Health and Habits

I’m so excited to have partnered with Northern Edge Algonquin to offer twice-yearly Habit Reset retreats!

During this 4 day, 3 night retreat, we will actively:

  • Build simple habits to reach our personal goals.  Learn how to recognize and shift habits that are not serving us, create an environment that will support our goals, and deep-dive into how the habit cycle works.
  • Experience resiliency practices to embody and anchor into the lives we want to live, including yoga, guided meditations, and other diverse practices that can support life’s journey.
  • Enjoy 4 days of inspired, nourishing meals designed to reset our patterns, while engaging in discussion on nutrition and supportive practice in mindful and intuitive eating.
  • Explore balanced physical activity surrounded by nature, engaging personal momentum to hike, wander, and paddle at any level.
  • Identify our core values and tap into our inner guiding compass.
  • Learn how communicating with ourselves through positive & powerful language, affirmations can shift our mindset.
  • Ask “what brings us joy” through the Konmari Method, and strengthen our intuition to become more confident in making decisions.
  • Dare to dream, engaging gratitude and ceremony to release old patterns and step into what is next.
  • From those dreams create SMART, actionable goals to begin the journey, and anchor ourselves through committing to them.

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