Meet Tim

Tidy Tim consults with individuals, families, and businesses to co-create solutions for better organization in the home and at work.

Tim’s expertise in decluttering & creative problem solving will help you to transform the look and function of the spaces you use every day, clearing the physical and emotional blocks that hold you back from experiencing the life you truly want to live.

Tim can help you to:

  • Live your best life.
  • Apply the Konmari Method™ to your life.
  • Fine tune your intuition, and grow your decision-making skills.
  • Rediscover what brings you joy.
  • Reorganize your workplace.
  • Inspire your family to stay tidy.
  • Stage your home for potential buyers.
  • Set up your new home in an organized way.
  • Create a welcoming atmosphere in your vacation rental.
  • Minimalize.
  • Clear your closet and your mind.

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Tim Lucier, Certified Konmari Consultant




“At its essence, the KonMari Method™ is a simple and practical guide to tidying. It tells you how to tidy up things all at once by categories, and the steps are clear. (For example, the first category is clothes, the next is books etc.) However, the Konmari Method™ is not only effective for tidying homes. It can also increase spiritual awareness and improve overall decision-making. It transforms individuals and truly enables them to spark more joy in their lives.”

– Marie Kondo

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