Springtime Evolutions

One year and one month ago, I wrote a blog titled “Spring Free.”  Since then, I’ve only written a couple times – I guess I’ve been focusing on other things ?

In that post, I spoke about releasing and letting go, and my decision at that time to release my title and licensing as a Certified Konmari Consultant.

Over the last month, about 1 year later, I have felt unsettled – like a butterfly still inside a cocoon of my own making.  There is so much I have to offer – yet I feel constrained by calling myself a “decluttering coach”, a “habits facilitator”, or a “yoga instructor”.  I love the brand of “Tidy Tim”, and I’m keeping it!  But some changes have been in order for some time.

Yesterday, in a post on Instagram, I explained that I would be shifting all of my posting and engagement over to my personal instagram account.  See the post here:

Why?  In my leadership development, I’ve learned that what makes us leaders is to be invested in learning and growing, to become passionate about different aspects of life, and to share and teach those passions to others and create inspiration.  I don’t want to advertise, which was the purpose of the @tidytim.ca instagram account.  I want to live authentically, share when appropriate, and inspire – and to do that I want to represent all I am.  I’ve recently attempted to re-write my biography to be reflective of this.

Alongside this inst-announcement, I became re-energized to make this website, tidytim.ca, more current.  I want it to represent so much more than decluttering and clearing (Topics I continue to love – they aren’t going away.) I’ve long-planned to write about habits and productivity, and hoped to write about travel, but I’m now committing to these ideas in a bigger way by creating space.

The shifts and changes are happening, slowly.  I’ve done more to promote my most current offering:  Hands-Down, a weekly Handstand, Inversions, & Mobility Club that I lead on Thursday evenings in Huntsville, Ontario.  Immediately after teaching my first session on April 14th, I felt a wave of energy and purpose.  I signed up to deepen my own learning through a combination of courses — I’ll soon be certified in Animal Flow Level 1, and I’m getting Continuing Education hours as a yoga instructor through the Yogi Flight School of Arm-Balancing.

So, what about decluttering?

A shift from one-on-one work to leading groups is very much in my DNA, from both sides.  My parents are co-founders of a retreat centre, after all.  At one time, my mother offered one-on-one healing sessions to clients – she’s since reflected that this was a lot of work to put in for each client, and that leading retreats with a circle of diverse attendees was not only a wiser use of energy, it was more fulfilling.

It took me a few years to come to a similar conclusion in regards to one-on-one sessions.  I love the work that I accomplished as a Certified Konmari Consultant and home organizer – however, the energy it takes to work on full-day sessions with just one client minimizes the impact I could have, and burns me out over time.  (If this was my main gig, that might not be the case – but Tim is a busy guy!)  I’m not saying I’m done with this type of work – I plan to be available for smaller, more targeted sessions (like helping tidy a kitchen or airbnb unit rather than the entire home), and I am moving my main focus towards retreats, workshops, guided experiences, and accountability groups.

Ready to work with me right now?  Some options:
Also on the horizon:
  • Working title: “Vitality Odyssey”.  A small-group, authentic, active adventure to Greece with me as your guide!  Coming your way June 2023.
  • A spring 2023 zoom-and-facebook-based coaching/accountability program focused on supporting you through your own decluttering process.

It’s generally not wise to announce projects while they are still being conceived – but this time around I think it will be motivating for me to actually put them out there.  Thanks for listening ♥️

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