Decluttering & Professional Organization in Athens, Greece

It’s been a taxing year and a half – physically, emotionally, spiritually; and we’ve all made a lot of sacrifices.  There have been big lessons, and I’ve seen a lot of friends make important (and inspiring!) shifts.  I feel strongly that I’ve been holding off my dreams for long enough – and as much as I love Canada I’m not currently in love with our slow reopening plan.

With my first dose complete and my second not likely until September, I’ve made the decision to move to Greece and work remotely for the summer. ??☀️ This is an important milestone I’ve long wanted to cross before turning 30 — and may be a special opportunity to bring my decluttering & home organization skillset to a new city.

I will be in Athens for my first month.  I’m planning to go with the flow ? and tune into my core values to “Live simply and explore with curiosity.” During the month of June I am available for in-home consultations in Athens! Whether you’d like to clear your closet, declutter your kitchen, or organize your entire home – I am here to help.

Contact me for details, and learn more about my work here.

One of the biggest gifts of the Konmari Method was teaching me how to recognize what Sparks Joy, move through the world with gratitude, and follow my inner calling. This is one of those callings I couldn’t deny myself anymore, considering my entire platform is about following your intuition & dreams, trusting your gut, and letting go of different things with gratitude to make room in your life for what you most want.

It was especially hard to say goodbye to my family – I travel a lot, but it hits different to go for as long as “up to 3 months” and to be going so far at a time when borders could close any day. I have so much gratitude to my family for recognizing this is a growing opportunity I need, and for my work (at Northern Edge) to flow with me on a temporary transition to work remotely.

Here I am getting emotional in an airport lounge. See you soon Greece!

2 thoughts on “Decluttering & Professional Organization in Athens, Greece

  1. Ingrid van der Locht Reply

    Hi Tim,

    My name is Ingrid van der Locht from The Netherlands and I will travel in Greece in November and the beginning of December.

    I was wondering if there are organizers in Greece? My travel starts in Crete.
    Like to get in touch with you and/or other organizers in this country. As the ambassador of Europe for NAPO I am always interested in organizing in European countries. And of course I like travelling and maybe you can help me with my travel plans.

    Warmly, Ingrid

    • Tim Lucier Post authorReply

      Hey Ingrid!
      That is great to hear, I totally recommend it! I’m currently back in Canada but plan to spend at least a couple months in greece each year. I didn’t have the opportunity to connect with other organizers while I was away so I’m not too sure – please do reach out if you need any travel recommendations!

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