Hitting “Reset” on those habits

This summer in Greece I had the intention to hit “reset”. I needed the time in a new environment to dream deeply, tune into what makes me “me”, commit to new goals and start taking steps towards what my next ten years will look like.

My habits returned to form after the massive shift created by the pandemic — suddenly, I have been social (safely) again, I have traveled and explored, I am busy with work and life outside of work, I am eating healthfully and nourishing my body with regular workouts.

You can see these changes in my body, in my smile, and hear it in my voice. Taking time to reset is something I think everyone should do.

For a handful of years I’ve been dreaming up a new retreat – and it’s fast-approaching! “The Habit Reset” at Northern Edge Algonquin is coming up fast – it’s September 9th – 12th!

This is an opportunity in an immersive 4 days, to do all I have described above, and more, without the costs of flying across the world and without having to do it alone. We’ll learn about the science of habits, dive into our core values, set new goals, decide on simple habits to help us reach them.  Would you like to learn more?

I’ll be co-facilitating this retreat with my dear friend Courtney Sinclair – and we recently hopped on Instagram Live to chat about why we’re looking forward to this retreat:

If you think this retreat might be for you – we still have space available and we would love for you to join us!  Cut-off for registration is Monday, September 6th, and you can register here:


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