Discarding, Donation, and Disposal Guide

for Huntsville, Ontario

De-cluttering your home in Huntsville?  Here’s your guide for where to dispose of, donate, sell, and safely discard your used items.

It can be difficult to discard items, even when we know they are no longer serving us.  I believe that when these “stuck” items stay around in our space, they block the flow of our personal energy and make it harder for us to live how we want to live and be who we want to be.

My clients are often moving through a dramatic reorganization of their home, and have lots of things they are ready to move on.  In order to prevent a build-up of these items, my advice is to move them on quickly in the most ethical way possible.  When we move items on, the energy flows back to us in the following ways:

  • Knowing somebody else will use and cherish that item more than I did
  • Receiving a small amount of money if the item sells via consignment or online
  • Clearing the item out of my home and enjoying the newly created space

My suggestion is to not try to sell everything you’re moving on.  It will pile up and you’ll just be keeping all that stuck energy at your doorway.  If you are really feeling price-conscious about items, I suggest picking 1-3 high-ticket items that you know will sell fast and will be worth the time you spent selling them.

I am pleased to present my guide, for the Huntsville, Muskoka, Ontario area, of where you can discard, donate, and dispose of your items.  (Last updated April 22, 2022)


Intyre Electronic Recycling – 7 East Airport Rd, Huntsville

  • Accepts all electronics and e-waste via drop-off.  No fees.
  • Part of the “Recycle My Electronics” program.  Pick-up service available.
  • Properly disposes of electronics to prevent negative environmental consequences of landfills.
  • Does not refurbish, resell, or redistribute items.

The Habitat for Humanity Re-Store – Huntsville Place Mall

  • Accepts primarily furniture, appliances, and building materials.
  • Also accepts smaller items from board games to business supplies.
  • May have a preference for better-quality items, for resale (proceeds go to charity).


Muskoka Women’s Advocacy Group – Huntsville

  • Not currently accepting donations due to Covid19

The Table Soup Kitchen Foundation – 9 Hanes St, Huntsville

  • Donations of food, clothing and household goods.
  • Open Tuesday and Friday 12:00pm – 2:00pm, Saturday 10:00am – 1:00pm


Salvation Army Thrift Store – 80 Centre St North, Huntsville

  • Accepts all kinds of reusable items Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

Kids Collective Muskoka – 9 Cann Street, Huntsville

  • Kids’ Consignment Shop – buys “pre-loved kids fashion and accessories”, including some toys.

Buy & Sell Groups

You might also consider a group specific to the type of item you’re selling . . . For example, I’ve had a lot of success via the Lululemon Buy, Sell & Trade (Canada) group!

Ebay is still great for high-priced items with low-cost shipping – like working cell phones.

Waste & Landfills

Got a suggestion for the guide?  Get in touch via my chat widget to send me the details!