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I was pleased to be featured on CTV Northern Ontario, where I chatted with Tony Ryma about the new Konmari craze and my coaching programs.  Check it out:

Or, read the Interview:

Host: Are you an organized person, or do you need a little help? I guess we all do; right? Many are calling it the latest fad or craze.  Marie Kondo is a tidying expert from Japan. She has written a book and even has a show on the streaming service Netflix. She teaches how to simplify and organize your home. Many call it “life-changing magic in a box.”
A man from the northeast can attest to that. Tim Lucier of South River is a certified Konmari Consultant. He joins us, by Skype, this afternoon, from Huntsville. Hello, Tim, What drew you to this organizing phenomenon?
Tim Lucier: Well, I was drawn to it out of a series of events where I was invited to help my cousin clear out his closet, and I learned that I was really well-suited to that style of work. I decided to look a little bit more into organizational methods and minimalism. I, very quickly, discovered Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I read it in about four hours and, immediately, applied the method to my life and was, very soon, on my way to attend a seminar to learn how to become a consultant.
Host: Where do you start, when you’re trying to become organized?
Tim Lucier: Mm-hm. Well, it starts with taking a really good look at the life that you want to be living and just considering, “What do I want to be doing in my life? How do I want to spend time in my home? And what atmosphere would support that?” Once you’ve done a little bit of that dreaming, it just comes down to taking a good look at all of the items that are in your life and seeing whether they support that dream for you.
Host: Tim, I’m just wondering, do we collect too much stuff; do you think?
Tim Lucier: Absolutely. I think, with the rise of consumerism, in today’s society, we’ve got a lot more things than any person really needs. We’re not too worried, in the KonMari Method, with the idea of having too many things, especially if you’re a collector. If you collect books and you love books, that’s amazing. It’s really about making sure that everything that you have in your life is something that you want to have there. It’s about making the affirmative decision to have those things with you, in your life.
Host: I guess you have to have a connection to certain things. Is that what makes you, I guess, determine whether you should keep something or should not?
Tim Lucier: Mm-hm. Well, the barometer that we use in the KonMari Method is called “What sparks joy?” We do ask folks to look inside themselves, when facing any item that they might be considering whether to keep or discard, and to gauge a physical reaction, for themselves, of whether that item brings them joy.
Host: I’m wondering what kind of advice do you impart to clients?
Tim Lucier: Well, there is a lot of advice that I cover, over the course of many sessions with clients. Some of the key pieces of advice, I think, are really just to live your life based on what is making you happy, and to make decisions for your own benefit and make decisions based on what is going to bring you the most joy. Another piece that I love to share is to fold your socks, rather than roll them up, because they definitely are more comfortable that way, once you put them on.
Host: You’re going to speak to people at 250 Clark in Powassan, next month. Give our viewers a glimpse of your presentation.
Tim Lucier: Mm-hm. I’ll be presenting a topic called “Making Space for What Matters.” That’s going to be at 7:00pm on Wednesday the 13th at 250 Clark, in Powassan. What I’ll be talking about is, really, when we discard items and when we create more space in our life, it’s about setting the intention of what’s going to fill that space, so that we’re really moving forward in a positive way. We’re also going to be including a little bit of a folding workshop, as well, for those interested in learning the KonMari Method of folding clothing.
Host: Alright. Well, thanks for your time, today, Tim.
Tim Lucier: Thank you.
Host: Don’t forget. Stay organized.
Tim Lucier: [Laughs] You, as well.



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