What is the Konmari Method?

“At its essence, the KonMari Method™ is a simple and practical guide to tidying. It tells you how to tidy up things all at once by categories, and the steps are clear. (For example, the first category is clothes, the next is books etc.) However, the Konmari Method™ is not only effective for tidying homes. It can also increase spiritual awareness and improve overall decision-making. It transforms individuals and truly enables them to spark more joy in their lives.”
– Marie Kondo
What exactly is the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up? It’s often compared to minimalism, but there are actually some major key philosophical differences. KonMari is about surrounding yourself with things that *spark joy* for you, and learning how to care for those things better.
Really, I see the Konmari Method as a method of self-reflection that uses the act of “tidying” as a window into the life you truly want to be living. It is a process that allows you to confront every single “thing” you own, making a decision about that thing’s level of importance in your life by using the “joy check” (asking yourself if that item Sparks Joy). It is estimated that the average person owns 20 000 things. One explanation for why the KonMari Method™ is so effective in transforming lives is that you are able to hone your intuition after making 20 000 gut-based decisions, which allows you to follow your intuition better in the other decisions you’ll make in your life.
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