Interview: The Konmari Method in midst of a Pandemic

“These are strange times, indeed” is a statement I’ve made near the beginning of every conversation I have had over the past few weeks.  I haven’t had words more than that.

I believe we are experiencing a collective grief — a global loss of loved ones, work, special events, family gatherings, social lives, and newfound feelings of claustrophobia, family fatigue, and mass hysteria.  My life has not been impacted as strongly as others – yet I feel sad for all the businesses that will close, all the people who have lost loved ones, and for the missed opportunities I have experienced – however trivial.

One way I’ve been supporting myself in these times is by focusing on developing strong healthy habits.  I’ve re-imagined my morning routine and I’ve been practicing it consistently, for example.  I plan to do a post soon about this – but today I want to share with everyone who is yearning to do some decluttering while they are feeling stuck at home.

Many of us feel the desire to be productive in these strange times – and it’s okay if that’s not what you’re feeling.  We are processing grief, and however you do that is valid.

I think many are drawn to clearing clutter because it just feels good – it’s cathartic, therapeutic, and you can see your progress as you work . . much like baking focassia. 😉

Decluttering is something that gets put off when you’re busy at work and with active social lives – so having some extra time at home might be helping inspire folks.

One thing to keep in mind is that you likely won’t be able to make donations right now.  If you have garage space, it might be wise to set up some containers for items you’d like to donate in the future.

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Sarah Arsenault was an early client of Tidy Tim’s who experienced his coaching first-hand.  Now, she’s using her platform on Instagram Live to highlight cool folks in the community and suggest ideas of things to do while home during COVID-19.

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